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At nBorder, we empower businesses to excel in the fast-paced digital marketplace. As a leading provider of eCommerce consulting services and executive search, we have a proven track record of propelling online business success for clients worldwide.

Our expertise spans the full spectrum of digital commerce, from strategic planning and market entry to optimization and scalability. We understand that the right leadership is crucial for success, which is why our executive search division is dedicated to sourcing and placing top-tier eCommerce talent. Our candidates are not just leaders; they are innovators who drive change and create impactful digital experiences.

We are proud to have partnered with a diverse range of clients, from burgeoning startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them navigate the..

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Navigating the Digital Landscape

Digital Expertise

Industry domain experts and practitioners in Digital and eCommerce

Talent Placement

Growing teams all over the world with targeted talent placement

Search Process

Search for talent from our database of thousands of experts

Executive Solutions

Hire senior executives and leaders who have proven track record to lead Digital and eCommerce businesses

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Four Steps For Your Success


Discovery Session

We begin with in-depth discussions to understand your organization’s goals and culture.


Customized Strategy

Based on our insights, we create a tailored plan outlining objectives and search criteria.


Talent Sourcing and Assessment

Leveraging our network, we identify and rigorously assess top-tier candidates.


Seamless Placement and Support

We facilitate the placement process and provide ongoing support for a successful transition

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Traditional vs. eCommerce-Oriented Organizational Structures

Traditional vs. eCommerce-Oriented Organizational Structures

In the consumer goods industry, the shift from offline sales to eCommerce is reshaping organizational structures. With global retail e-commerce sales projected to reach 6.38 trillion US dollars by 2024, companies face the challenge of adapting to online channels. This article explores the disparities between offline sales and eCommerce, offering insights and key considerations for a successful transition.

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Introduction to eCommerce Organizational Structure

Introduction to eCommerce Organizational Structure

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, the organizational structure is crucial for decision-making, resource allocation, customer experience, innovation, and scalability. The structure directly impacts competitiveness by enabling speed, adaptation to trends, customer centricity, innovation, and operational efficiency. In consumer goods companies, specific roles like Head of eCommerce, Category Managers, and Marketing Teams play key strategic and operational functions to navigate the complexities of eCommerce and drive success in the digital landscape.

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Inventory Management for Fast Online Shipping

Inventory Management for Fast Online Shipping

In eCommerce, efficient inventory and fulfillment management is crucial for meeting customer demand and maintaining competitive edge. It involves optimizing working capital, preventing stockouts, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and offering fast, cost-effective shipping. Collaborating with reliable logistics providers and selecting the right eCommerce distributor are essential steps in achieving these goals.

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Magic Formula of eCommerce: Framework for Growth

Magic Formula of eCommerce: Framework for Growth

The eCommerce magic formula comprises total unique visitors, conversion rate, average order value, and repeat rate of customers, serving as a comprehensive framework for revenue generation. By optimizing each component, businesses can attract more visitors, improve conversion rates, increase order values, and foster customer retention to drive sustainable growth and revenue.

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Driving Sales with Social Commerce Integration

Driving Sales with Social Commerce Integration

Social commerce has redefined consumer shopping behaviors, driving sales on the digital shelf through social media integration. Its exponential growth, influence of discovery features, and role in building consumer trust contribute to its pivotal role in eCommerce success. Implementing strategic social media approaches enables brands to optimize engagement, foster loyalty, and unlock social commerce potential.

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Choosing the Right Strategy Between 1P and 3P on eCommerce

Choosing the Right Strategy Between 1P and 3P on eCommerce

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, deciding between a first-party (1P) or third-party (3P) selling strategy is crucial. Consider business goals, product type, brand positioning, and available resources. 1P may suit brand growth and niche products, while 3P offers scalability and agility for commoditized products. Take into account market trends and internal capabilities for a strategic decision.

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Developing Effective eCommerce Strategy for Consumer Goods

Developing Effective eCommerce Strategy for Consumer Goods

Crafting a successful eCommerce strategy for consumer goods companies requires understanding consumer behavior, setting SMART goals, determining a go-to-market strategy, building a strong online brand presence, utilizing data analytics, implementing digital marketing, embracing omnichannel retailing, prioritizing customer engagement, and continuous monitoring for improvement. This comprehensive approach drives growth and customer satisfaction in the digital age.

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The Importance of eCommerce for Consumer Goods Companies

The Importance of eCommerce for Consumer Goods Companies

Consumer goods companies are experiencing a revolutionary shift with the rise of eCommerce, offering new opportunities and challenges. This digital transformation facilitates global market access, personalized shopping experiences, and deeper customer engagement. To thrive, companies must prioritize innovation, agility, data-driven strategies, and strategic partnerships. Embracing eCommerce is crucial for future success in the evolving world of commerce.

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What kind of positions do you specialize in?
We specialize in executive and senior-level positions across the digital and eCommerce spectrum. This includes roles in digital marketing, eCommerce strategy,
digital transformation, customer experience, and digital operations, among others.
What industries do you serve?

While our primary focus is on roles within the digital and eCommerce spaces, we serve a variety of industries including retail, consumer goods, technology, finance, and more, helping them strengthen their digital capabilities.

How do you source candidates?
We utilize a combination of advanced digital tools, a proprietary database of candidates, networking in digital and eCommerce communities, and partnerships with leading industry organizations to identify and attract top talent.
What is your screening process for candidates?

Our screening process includes detailed interviews, competency assessments, and background checks tailored to digital and eCommerce expertise. We also evaluate candidates based on their strategic vision and ability to drive digital transformation.

How do you ensure a good fit between the candidate and the company?
We conduct thorough needs analyses with our clients to understand their corporate culture and specific needs. This allows us to match candidates not only based on skill set but also on their potential for cultural and strategic alignment.
What is the typical duration of the search process?
The duration can vary depending on the complexity of the role and the specific requirements. Generally, the process takes between 8 to 12 weeks from initiation to placement.
Do you provide support after placement?

Yes, we offer post-placement support which includes follow-up with both the client and the candidate to ensure successful integration and performance, new user onboarding, coaching and leadership development services as needed.

How do you handle confidentiality?
We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to protect the privacy and interests of both our clients and candidates throughout the search process.
How can potential clients get started with you?
Potential clients can contact us via our website, email, or phone. We typically begin with an introductory meeting to discuss your needs and how we can assist in achieving your talent acquisition goals.
Which countries or markets have you searched and placed candidates?
We are a global search agency and we have experience in sourcing and placing
candidates all over the world, from the US, to Canada, Dubai, Brazil, India, Malaysia,
Philippines, Thailand, UK and Germany to name some
What sets your company apart from other executive search firms in digital and eCommerce?
Our deep focus on digital and eCommerce allows us to understand the nuances of these roles better than generalist firms. Our consultants are industry veterans with substantial experience in the digital domain.

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