Rise of eCommerce in Consumer Packaged Goods


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Video lesson (13:52 mins) on the rise of eCommerce in consumer goods, the major players, the challenges and risks.


In this lesson, we’ll cover how eCommerce has changed the foundation of CPG companies, the major players in the eCommerce ecosystem and the challenges and risks in the business.

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Alan Yong CEO / Founder
Alan Yong is a distinguished eCommerce expert with an impressive career spanning over 30 years, primarily focusing on the consumer goods sector across multiple global markets, including the two largest consumer markets, China and the United States. With a deep expertise in multi-channel eCommerce, big data & analytics, performance marketing, and consumer-based supply chain and logistics, Alan has held pivotal roles as CEO and Global General Manager for multinational consumer packaged goods companies, driving significant digital transformations and eCommerce success.